Active Events

Mabuhay Cockpit Arena
Super 3-Hits Ulutan
More than 80 FIGHTS expected! Estimated start 12 - 1pm

Upcoming Events

2015-07-05 09:00:00
San Pedro Coliseum
1-Cock Ulutan Premyuhan
More than 60 FIGHTS expected! Estimated start 9 - 10 am

2015-07-06 19:00:00
Muntinlupa Coliseum
1-Cock Timbangan Fastest Kill
More than 40 FIGHTS expected! Estimated start 7- 8 pm

2015-07-07 11:00:00
Fajardo Cockpit
1-Cock Ulutan Premyuhan
More than 40 FIGHTS expected! Estimated start 11am- 12pm

2015-07-08 09:00:00
San Pedro Coliseum
3-Cock 3-Hits Hinabol sa tag lugon Derby
1st Champion prize P70K, 2nd Champion P60K, 3rd champion P50K, 4th Champion P120K. All other 3 wins prize P35K. Pot money P4,600 Min. bet P3,300. Ulutan starts 6:00am.More than 100 FIGHTS expected! Estimated start 9-10 am

Scheduled events are subject to change without prior notice. Indicated start time maybe adjusted depending on the actual number of fights on the day of derby.


Good day mga Kasabong! From San Pedro Coliseum and Mabuhay Cockpit Arena po ang fights natin today. Kindly contact us for assistance.

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Muntinlupa City
LBC ( until 5pm )
CL ( until 11 pm ) ML & Moneygram ( 24hrs )

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